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Top-quality medical care “Made in Berlin”

International Health and Wellness Metropolis Berlin

He goes to the clinic for a check-up while she enjoys a wellness session in the hotel. And on the schedule for the evening is sightseeing together in one of the most exciting and fascinating cities in the world. No other metropolis offers such a perfect combination of culture, lifestyle and health awareness as Berlin.

A Health Metropolis for over 300 Years

In fact it’s not a new theme at all: Berlin can look back on a 300-year tradition as a health and science metropolis. More than a dozen Nobel Laureates have worked here, including researchers such as Rudolf Virchow and Robert Koch. Over 755,000 patients are treated annually in the some 80 clinics and hospitals by a good 18,000 doctors. This includes an ever increasing number of international guests, who come to Berlin for medical care. Visitors not only from Russia but also from Britain, the Middle East, the USA as well as bordering countries appreciate the outstanding medical facilities available in Berlin. Why don’t you come as well and – let Berlin take care of you.

From Check-up to Wellness

It doesn’t matter whether you come to Berlin for a Check-up or to pamper yourself in one of the many beauty and wellness parlours: there is the right kind of treatment to suit everybody in the health metropolis of Germany.

Prestigious Clinics

The most famous and prestigious clinics in Berlin include the Charité, the biggest university clinic in Europe, the Vivantes clinics (the largest communal hospital group in Germany) and the Deutsches Herzzentrum (German Heart Institute), a high-performance clinic for cardiac and vascular problems. Whether surgical or dental care, the desire to have natural children or diabetes – in the Berlin clinics you will find state-of-the-art technology, service-driven staff and doctors of the highest calibre.

Congress Capital – Berlin

Furthermore, there are many internationally acclaimed experts in Berlin offering trade visitors at congresses and conferences their expertise in a wide range of fields – from medicine to management. With over 113,000 events taking place in Berlin every year, the city has established itself as an international metropolis for major congresses, with the healthcare sector predominating.

Capital of Health

As the capital of health, Berlin stands apart with its combination of city tours and relaxing holidays. Apart from the top-class medical care, you can enjoy a unique range of services encompassing wellness, spas and beauty programmes – and all this against a background of feeling good in an exciting and fascinating metropolis.



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