Hospitals are looking for a highly qualified staff that meets the requirements: not only medical and technical qualification is required, but also competence in communication with patients. Especially in the latter, foreign applicants often have shortcomings. Our graduates come from the Arab world. They have a medical degree and they want to work as a doctor at German clinics. Our graduates are intensively prepared for their future work in Germany. We not only offer German language courses in preparation for the exam for the Zertifikat Deutsch Niveau B2, but also:  

-   Special communication training for everyday clinical routine

-   Seminar about processes and everyday work in German clinics

-   Preparation for medical equivalency assessment

-   Teaching in German medical language    

Our graduates are optimally prepared for your company to support high quality medical care. We are always at your side as a reliable partner to you and your new employee after the mediation.

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