German Online Course


German Course A 1 (1)

The German Course A 1 (1) is the first step to learn German language.

Our four weeks online course will offer you the following Possibilities: 

 Vocabulary Part

In this course you will learn how to be able to make a simple conversation in German language. You can interduce and talk about yourself, order your coffee or tea or your Food in the restaurants, tell your friends your phone number. You can do your daily shopping easily in the supermarket, understand many words and sentences and communicate with your Friends.

 Grammar Part

Who (wer)? How(wie)? Where(wo)? What(was)? When(wann)? Why(warum)? Are the basic questions of the German language, you will learn in this course how to answer them using simple verbs and cases like the dative and the accusative, as well as adjectives, modal verbs. You will learn also the singular and the plural forms, and the German articles (der, die, das.) and you will learn the imperative.

If you are intending to learn the German language in a prober form from capable teaches you can joint our online, which will start at Mach 15th and give you the possibility to start your first step.

Pleas fill out the registration form and transfer the fees of the Course to our account in to

 our Bank accounts in Germany. The fees for this Course are 1500 SR.


Account Name: Euro Gulf Med GmbH

 Bank Name:Berliner Sparkasse 

IBAN: DE72 1005 0000 0190 4610 71


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